Identity du jour

Identity du jour

     It seems as though the foundations of our society are being eroded, if not under full on attack.  If there is something that we once took for granted as being basic or foundational, we are now encouraged to treat it with suspicion.  Be it race, gender, political view and in a few nutty cases, even species!

     I had my DNA tested, like hundreds of thousands of other lemmings.  I find it bemusing that many people get their results back and seem joyfully satisfied, having learned their heritage from two, three, even five hundred years back.  They feel they can somehow identify with a people group from history and “paste” it into their worldview.  Some however, don’t bother spending the dollars on official testing and, just go straight to identifying with another group or ethnicity.  While some are happy with their lineage, others want to loudly and violently protest.  Some insist on impossible reparations to be made for past grievance.  But what would happen if they could get the skinny on their ancestors back another five hundred years?  What would we do if we found those generations enslaved or lead in the brutality of another people group?

     From schoolchildren to university we are taught the theory of evolution as being fact.  Some who may be more spiritual may couple their belief with a Big Bang theory.  So, all matter, and all energy, already existed?  “Sure, give us one cool miracle and we’ll take it from here.”  Some folks believe in the theory of creation.  And yet many of them believe Adam is just a generic name for all mankind in general. But Holy Scripture says that when (literal) Adam was 130 years old his son (literal) Seth was born.  What does this have to do with DNA or identity?  It is my opinion that we are all brothers and sisters in the human race.  Our migrations and lineage are fascinating.  But before we come to civil war…. Before our foundations are crumbled beyond repair… I wish we would find our true identity.  I pray that we could love one another as our Creator first loved us.

     I mentioned earlier that I too had my DNA tested.  I may be confused now more than ever though!  Turns out I have strong markers for American Indian, African, and Jewish ancestry!  I’m just not sure which banner to fight under?  Those who were terribly cheated, those who were brutally mistreated, or those who have fled under pogroms.. holocaust..and even rising anti-Semitism?  Just not sure which victim’s reparations window to stand in front of? 

     I leave you with this quote.  I wish I’d have thought of it.  That and my degree, might just buy me that proverbial cup of coffee.  “In an age of illusion… and utter confusions… Upon our delusions… we base our conclusions.”

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