This page used to have a load of information.  Education, background, careers, etc.  Candidly- it was written by a friend of mine who is very successful in marketing.  He felt that is what is needful to get my ministry or story out.   Lately i have been convicted about it.  Not because it was inaccurate… but that it just plain smacked of self-promotion, pride, and not truly revealing.  Tell you what… if you look over my site and find something that resonates with you and what you feel you or your organization are called to accomplish, then please feel free to contact me.  I am desperate for revival.  In our land and in our own hearts.  If i can serve you or your vision i will be happy to do so.  I’m deleting all the other nonessential “stuff”.  Let’s lift up Jehovah and count on Him to build His kingdom as He promises!

Feel free to contact Dr. Eddy at pilgrimceddy@yahoo.com if you desire more information or to set up a connection via phone.

Charles Eddy