For years, I’ve been involved with missions work, and have had the privilege of doing work in several different countries. India is one of my favorites.  A place i vowed i would never go has become almost intoxicating to me now.  It is an amazing diverse culture.  We serve in crowded urban cities as well as forgotten tribal areas.  If you want a sample of that please click the movies below and enjoy 🙂

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Some like it citified!

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some like it country! Wash day by the river.

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Some of the most heart tugging experiences i have ever had comes when i get a chance to visit and minister to the lepers we support.  Many people think this dreadful disease has vanished since Bible times.  That is not so.  Words cannot describe how moving it is to see these people raise their hands in praise and worship -even when some of them have lost fingers.  Walking sticks are common.  The beg for food and are still considered “unclean” by the people around them.  We do all we can to help feed them and supply needs such as medicine or in the cold season we distribute wool blankets.  They are precious folks and have taught us so much.

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We are so happy to have finally purchased land.  Finally the Angela Friendship Ministry “AFM” Campus has become a reality.  We have one building on it, a bore well for fresh water, and some start on the foundation for our future dreams.  We are running out of space for the orphans we have taken in and the sewing clinic is using our church as a meeting place when in session.  You would not believe how proud the mostly women students are to learn a trade… something that might make them not have to turn to prostitution or menial labor to survive.  India is a hotbed of persecution for many believers.  I have personally watched video of young men being beaten to death by extremists.  One of our greatest goals is to build a Bible College on the campus so that we can train up brave men and women to take the gospel all over the country as well as expand the Kingdom of God in our Home Church Movement initiative.


AFM Campus

We go into tribal areas and provide free medical clinics.  Often where no doctor will ever go.  Bringing simple medicines and the gospel of Christ.

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