“Just-Life Seminar” ®

I have developed a seminar you will find Just-Right… to help address a great need in our society and personal lives today.  Using three of the songs I have written and produced as a catalyst for discussion, you will find it easy to identify with either struggles you may face, or certainly for someone in your sphere of influence.  It has been tailored to reach either the secular market or the faith based market in a different form.

For Intercessors and Faith Based groups:

Two area pastors shared with me that it may be accurate to say that on any given Sunday only about 15% of the surrounding population is in a house of worship.  That may leave an incredible 85% of the people we deal with regularly somehow unconnected in a meaningful way to church life!!

How can we reach the lives of these often hurting and confused people?  I trust you have a heart for the larger work of harvest in the Kingdom of God.  Perhaps you even at times get a bit frustrated with the process of recycling Sheep who are searching for “greener pastures” while at the same time we are to be salt and light to the world.

I believe God has led me to develop an exciting new approach and I surely need your help.  We are admonished to be fishers of men.   If I can create a word picture for you it would be that I have a very effective “net.”  What to do with the fish is up to you.  Some may wish them to be Battered, Lemon Peppered, or Cajun!  If this approach has the blessing of God upon it as I envision it can, many of that vast majority of untouched people will certainly be looking for a church home.  Hopefully though, we are far more interested in bringing them into the Kingdom than into one particular denomination.  I do not have, nor do I desire, a “boat” of my own.  But I have a strong desire to draw people into the family of God and a healthy relationship with Him.

For Business, Industry, or the Secular Seeker:

I have developed a ‘tool’ – so to speak– that I wish to make available to you.  I have been a social worker, a tenured high school teacher, and owner of a construction corporation for over thirty years.  I have had employees of my own and met the demands of my customers, as well as government regulations.  I think I have a good grasp on some of the problems facing you as you try to “run a tight ship.”
Often times it is not a failure in equipment or training that keeps your team on task… that keeps you on track of your mission goals as well as bottom line profits or performance.  No!  Sometimes there are things that you and I both might face that are, or seem, out of our control.  While some can cope and rise above some of the minefield of life in our day and age— some cannot.  A lack of training or equipment is most often not the reason a person may:
*  Not focus and daydream
*  Spend inordinate time emailing or texting those outside the workplace
*  Enter inappropriate internet sites
*  Have anger or inappropriate responses to co-workers or students
*  Have addictions or behavior that endangers himself or co-workers
*  Abuse ‘sick day’ provisions in their contract

Many business and institutions have put into place beneficial measures for their employees’ “wellness.”  I would just encourage you to see the need and invest in your most valuable asset… your people beyond cardio vascular wellness — but perhaps to the greater needs in their lives toward health and wholeness.  Please remember it is not ‘us against them.’  We are all part of the team.  I wish you all the best in reaching your corporate goals.  If I can be of service please do not hesitate to call for more information, topics, fees, venues or particulars.  I hope you take advantage of a “Just-Life” seminar.

“There are few things more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

Call or email today to find out how you can host either a live or pre-recorded seminar in your area.  You may rather wish to buy the DVD package for your own small group or church.

Charles W. Eddy   BA, D.Min