Home Church (HCM)

There is nothing new under the sun!  Furthermore, i am often reminded that if i come across something that i think is powerful, perhaps even revolutionary, i will find others of like passion.

I will refer to the Home Church movement from this point on as HCM.  Many of us are becoming more and more aware of how God is calling us back to understand our Jewish roots.  We desire to change the world and find that what we call “church” is a far cry from the Biblical patterns we find in the book of Acts.

We are excited to be a part of this HCM model, both here in the United States as well as launching now with our ministry in India.  Below is a mission statement that i use in our Just-Life model of home church:

              Just-Life  Groups


*   Our mission:  To transform our region…. One heart at a time.


*   Our method:  To implement and develop OUTREACH groups.


*   Our model:    To combine the example and power of corporate church           

                            and home church movement.   See Acts  2:46


   We are excited to announce and invite you to join us for a powerful new concept in evangelism and outreach, while at the same time meeting our own needs for growth, fellowship, and “keeping it real.”  We will be very intentional and focused on our goals.  Our groups will tackle three main areas during our short journey together.

1.  Basic apologetics:   why do we believe the things we believe as well as

     the exciting difference between religion and a true relationship with God?

2.  Discovering our Jewish roots and heritage.

3.  How can we truly help the messed up world in which we live?  What are

     some of the heartbreaking issues all of us can sometimes face?


     With only ten meetings we have a lot of ground to cover!  Meeting only two Fridays per month from 6 to 8 pm — we can all find time for the other things in our busy schedules.  Come explore, grow, be blessed and learn how you can really be used to reach those in your circle of influence!



                                               That’s  Life

  The belief that resigns itself to slogans like:  “What will be will be.”…  “Hey — it is what it is.”… 

                                                   ~ versus ~




Just—adj.  righteous, upright as in a just man.  Adv. Exactly, precisely


Life — (Zoe) –greek. This life is the very life from God of which believers are made PARTAKERS!

We are currently leading Home Church here and in India we are putting on HCM Seminars at our AFM campus as well in remote areas to train pastors and leadership in this model.  Please keep looking for praise reports and updates.


 Please contact pilgrimceddy@yahoo.com if you are interested in checking out our model as well as tools with which we implement it.