New Year Resolutions

  New Year Resolutions.  Some people get annoyed with me because I still make them.  I think most people who mock the idea have just given up… been there– done that.   Like that is something we    dismissed years ago, a few years after we knew there was no Santa Claus!  To be candid with you, I make them- and I break them. 

  A man i know has coined some principles to live by.  One of them is “growth through stuggle is nature’s way.”  I believe it.  Sometimes we tend to fool ourselves into thinking that by not making resolutions to change – that we will avoid failure.  I think not.  I think that it is impossible to not change in this world.  We can either let ourselves slowly grow more set, stagnant, and self-absorbed or we can choose to strain for goals, struggle to be set free, and reach for renewal.

  I’ll still dream.  Maybe we lost the gift of innocence.  But do any of us honestly not believe some change is needed in our lives?  If not on New Year’s Day– when?  Someday has to be the first day of steps toward hope and courage to follow dreams and convictions.  The late comedian W. C. Fields from my father’s era coined a phrase… “if I had my life to live over again– I would live it over a bar.” 

  As for me, I’d like to think “if I had my live to live over again– I would overcome more!”

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