Walk with me

    While walking the dog on our dike by the river, I asked the Lord…”What would our walk be like if you showed up.”  Would it be a ‘power walk’ — brisk, and mostly for exercise?  Maybe a slower paced, conversational or observational style?  I am glad to say my conscience allows this would not be a slouched shouldered march….”follow me to the principal’s office – young man.”  🙂

    It may sound silly to some… but for many years, on solitary walks, I have wished I could be like the two on the path when the Lord suddenly appeared.  That hasn’t happened– yet.  But, over time I have concluded that:

  * Certainly more than with any particular church or assembly.

   * More than any particular people group or individual.

   * More than even my beloved wife.

 —the only place I truly belong … is in the presence of my Lord.

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