Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who gave so much.  I posted a question on Facebook.  I asked if anyone would care to list what they considered what is worth standing for?  Are there two or three things – or more- that are worth such sacrifice?

  I thought at least a few people would take some time to reply.  One man said…”to fight for our freedoms, or the freedom of those who cannot defend themselves.”  I must admit that i am somewhat cynical when i think of our military efforts and declaring that what we are doing around the world in several arenas is so ultimately noble.  I came through the Vietnam era.  I personally know Army captains who fought and lost men during that time.  One in particular is probably the most patriotic man i have ever known.  He, to this day, wears a metal bracelet remembering POW’s.  He loves the soldier….. but has a bitter taste and great suspicion of ‘organized conflicts.’ 

  So i ask myself– what is it that i would be willing to die for?  What things are worth standing for now?  It certainly is not for lower prices at the gas pump.  I am feeling that ultimately i want to stand for:

The WAY–   Jesus is the way.   Not some nationalistic way, but the way to eternal life.   He stated that he is the only ‘way’ and i think that is worthy of proclaiming and defending.

The TRUTH–  The truth of God and his word is the only agenda i feel is lofty enough to lift mankind out of its confusion and malaise. 

The LIFE–  Life in Christ brings peace and purpose.  It frees men and women from the bondage to sin that has ensnared them.  It frees them and fills them with a living relationship with the Almighty God and Father. 

  I know many would say that the only reason i can give such a idealistic philosophy is because men and women bled and died and continue to do so for the way of life i bask in.  Some of that is true, but i can’t quite wrap my brain around which conflict was so noble.  The people we fight and kill one decade— trade with us another. 

The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE are the only things that will sustain me through any political scenario, in good times and in bad,  if i be at peace or forced to pick up a weapon and defend those i love

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