Racism or PCism

Racism or PCism

 Old Mr. Sterling finds himself in quite a stew.  Seems he made some insensitive remarks to his mistress!  Of course adultery is just an archaic notion mentioned in some dusty Commandments.  Ah, but prejudice is now holocaust-al in scope.  I wonder if he will be forced to sell his franchise at fire-sale prices?

   While I am no seer, I can envision more coming from this than meets the eye.  As I observe the world around me I take notice.  I recall how one professional athlete got belittled for making too much of his faith…. and I see another recently getting headlines and “tweeted” all over creation for his boldness to be the first openly gay athlete in a certain sport. I can just overhear some team owner now exclaiming “Ain’t no &%^**4#  way somebody’s gonna make me put in a separate bath or shower for some gay player who decided to come outta the closet.”  He might be well advised to hold his tongue or check his emails if he is inclined to be so brash.  Editor Joel Belz writes:

     ..it is time to take note that there is nothing funny at all about the growing debateover so called gender sensitive restrooms in public places across the  country.  Want to know how to bring a great nation to its knees?  Want to know how tohumiliate  the United States of America?  Take ever so seriously, then, this supposedlylofty discussion about whether we owe it to the “transgendered” folk among us (or others who are still gender-confused) to spend vast sums so that they can relievethemselves without discomfort or embarrassment.”

   Like I said, I cannot predict the future.  But I was a builder for over thirty years and know something about the cost of adding a “hooter” or two.  Columbia University in New York has already stated they will be remodeling several of their buildings this year to accommodate such demands.  To be politically correct and not guilty of PCism is getting more and more interesting!

  Psalm 11:3 says “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  But, there I go again–  looking at that dusty old Book for wisdom!

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