Give us Barabbas

 ** WARNING **—Blasphemy: 

I’m an observer.  I watch people celebrating their lives and all those things that seem to make it important.  Be it secular or sacred.  Don’t get me wrong., I like football.  I played it – coached it—know a couple things about it , and to this day (decades after) often when I smell freshly cut grass in the early fall … my mind goes right back to memories of practices and games!

I don’t know about the region of the country where you live, but where we are located I swear—folks are crying out for revival.  Really!  They are hungry for renewed team spirit.  They are rejoicing for new management.  They are truly seeking first the things of their “kingdom” – convinced that all these things shall be added unto it.  (AFC title—league and regional respect—economic upturn.)

There are some among us who are eagerly looking for spiritual revival.  We who know history are aware that God has swept through this part of the country in powerful ways in times past and are praying for an even greater outpouring ahead.

As I watch people I am reminded of how similar we are to our ancestors centuries ago.  We still often choose the profane over the holy.  We still often reject the only ONE who can lift us and lead us.  The masses still cry out “Give us Barabbas.”

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