Walk with me

    While walking the dog on our dike by the river, I asked the Lord…”What would our walk be like if you showed up.”  Would it be a ‘power walk’ — brisk, and mostly for exercise?  Maybe a slower paced, conversational or observational style?  I am glad to say my conscience allows this would not be a slouched shouldered march….”follow me to the principal’s office – young man.”  🙂

    It may sound silly to some… but for many years, on solitary walks, I have wished I could be like the two on the path when the Lord suddenly appeared.  That hasn’t happened– yet.  But, over time I have concluded that:

  * Certainly more than with any particular church or assembly.

   * More than any particular people group or individual.

   * More than even my beloved wife.

 —the only place I truly belong … is in the presence of my Lord.

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Man your post!

We can’t all be part of Seal Team Six.. but we each can have a mission. 

“Man your post”

Man– Has nothing to do with whether you’re male or female.  It is about being faithful, alert, and operational.  Be sober and diligent.  We live in a world where everything is in a process of decline or decay… moving from order to chaos. 

Your-  Each of us occupies a sphere of influence that is unique to us.  We have loved ones, associates, neighbors and contacts.  We can either be a part of that decline and decay that mentioned above….having become apathetic, weary, and without hope;  or we can bring renewal, refreshing, and redemption.

Post-  This speaks of our unique station or calling.  We may share roles that are similar to many of those around us, but we alone can “man” our particular station.  You are blessed if you know your calling and have found strength and grace to remain faithful.  There is ground that I am to occupy.  I’m not saying it is easy or even fair.. this being ‘on duty’ for life.  People are watching us.  Many are dependant upon us to show them how walk through trials and stages of life with dignity, in victory and purpose.  Each of us has a post to man- each of us will leave a legacy.       Selah

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I coined new word for an old condition. “Wiki” is a Hawaiian word that generally means quick or fast. I have lived a little while and do not think the nature of man has changed dramatically over the centuries. I think there have always been greedy people and opportunists in every generation. And yet, the “wiki-ness” of our times may be unprecedented.
It is not uncommon for us to now have the facts come to light of greed and corruption on many levels of behavior. Dictators may clean out their own countries treasuries of wealth or art as they sense their demise or collapse of power. Corporate CEO’s award themselves ridiculous bonuses even sometimes when their company ‘ship’ is sinking and getting bailouts from taxpayers money! Now in the high speed internet age there are more “wiki” schemes (get rich quick) than ever before. And, if I am totally candid, I am not the only one to fall for a Ponzi scheme.
If you look at your daily scenery objectively you may notice subtle changes that reveal a remarkable mindset. If you know anything about marketing you realize that you put your biggest money makers in places like aisle ends or near the main doors of your business. Would you have thought ten or fifteen years ago that in most every grocery store, mini-mart, and gas plaza you would see get rich quick machines in the main traffic areas? I know of people who sacrifice their families grocery money for scratch off or lottery tickets.
All this may be more than coincidence. As people feel more and more powerless over their lives their panic and discontentment becomes more urgent and evident. The Bible tells in 2 Timothy 3 the following: “There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud………without self-control……treacherous, rash, conceited, …… lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.”
I wrote a song called “Wall St. Waltz”…(aka) “Wikigreedia” as a commentary of these times we live in. Let me know how you like it! I would also like to see a little forum on examples of Wikigreedia you find. Together maybe you and I can help each other avoid the rush to insanity?

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New Year Resolutions

  New Year Resolutions.  Some people get annoyed with me because I still make them.  I think most people who mock the idea have just given up… been there– done that.   Like that is something we    dismissed years ago, a few years after we knew there was no Santa Claus!  To be candid with you, I make them- and I break them. 

  A man i know has coined some principles to live by.  One of them is “growth through stuggle is nature’s way.”  I believe it.  Sometimes we tend to fool ourselves into thinking that by not making resolutions to change – that we will avoid failure.  I think not.  I think that it is impossible to not change in this world.  We can either let ourselves slowly grow more set, stagnant, and self-absorbed or we can choose to strain for goals, struggle to be set free, and reach for renewal.

  I’ll still dream.  Maybe we lost the gift of innocence.  But do any of us honestly not believe some change is needed in our lives?  If not on New Year’s Day– when?  Someday has to be the first day of steps toward hope and courage to follow dreams and convictions.  The late comedian W. C. Fields from my father’s era coined a phrase… “if I had my life to live over again– I would live it over a bar.” 

  As for me, I’d like to think “if I had my live to live over again– I would overcome more!”

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Waiting– an active verb?

What do you think of waiting?  Is it something passive– sedentary?  Is it a sign of weakness done mostly by people who don’t have the guts or gumption to take things into their own hands?  I surely am not the first person to point out that we live in an age of instant gratification … or at least the pursuit or illusion of that.

It seems to me the longer I live, that waiting is a very active verb.  It takes strength to wait.  It takes resolve not to give into impatience.   One needs to have vision of future goals and a good grasp of consequences- both positive and negative- of failure.  We also must have hope and confident expectation.  How sad that mankind has given up waitiing and put their energies in so many activities and dreams that are false or weak and will never fill the cry of our hearts nor the destiny God has called us into.

We are so often hypocrites and opportunists.  I am not talking about the ‘worldling’… to be blinded by this earthly kingdom and chasing vanities is to be expected from the lost.  But, we as Christians should not live so.  We should not be so easily distracted…. 1. walkiing as the youth of today in a group- while texting others as if they are going to be left out…… or like many of their adult models..   2. trying to get in the hottest ‘social network’ or ‘linked in’ to as many different potential agenda advancers as possible.

Maybe I am blogging to myself here, so I am going to encourage myself to be patient.  I am going to try to keep true to the destiny I am called to.  Help me Lord, not be so concerned when my roles in life change, as they do for all of us.  You have called me for such a time as this and so I will trust that the ‘confinements’ during this particular waiting stage are shaping me and my character.  Maybe the best thing you and I can do to position ourselves would be to remain faithful and vigilant.  Don’t let anyone other than the Holy Spirit call you away from your mission.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God.. and all these things will be added unto you.”

“The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him.. to the one who seeks Him.  It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”


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Think on these things


  There once was a famous psychologist name Abraham Maslow that popularized a framework called the “hierarchy of needs.”  He postulated that man moves out of very basic needs for food, shelter and survival based needs, up through things as lofty as cultural and art and music.  If the most crucial elements were met– then man would entertain other endeavors to satisfy his worldview or his creative energies. 

     I think we do this spiritually as well.  Sometimes during easier seasons in our life we might think on certain theories or doctrines.  If all our ‘ducks are in a row’ so to speak– we may move on to tweak how they are spaced or if their feathers are properly preened!  Unfortunately we often get soft and complacent in times like these.  But, many times we are forced to go back to basics..  Sometimes our ‘ducks can be in a row’ and it turns out to be duck hunting season! Our lives can get jumbled.  We get wounded or deeply concerned over our situation: whether it be relational, family, financial or health matters.  We can get to a point where we truly wonder if God is in this with us?  Does He care?  Will it ever get ‘fixed?’ 

     Maybe you are walking in a similar season even now.  You might just have to go back to the basics in your heirarchy of spiritual needs. 

1.  I believe in God.

2.  I see evidence every day that He created this fascinating world.

3.  His holy, inspired Word declares that He is a loving Father.  Jesus reminds us that if He knows about a sparrow fallin or the hairs on our heads… He certainly knows our needs – and will answer.

     “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him.. to the one who seeks Him.  It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.”

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School — Spirit

  Summertime is the time for picnics, loads of outdoor activities… and reunions!  I just had mine– 40th– YIKES!  I truly never thought about getting this old.  But that is for another post.  I was asked by a former class president if I would speak at ours, since it was an honor year for us.  I honestly didn’t know if I was supposed to pray for the grub or “wax and elephant” before this crowd of 200 or so.  With some degree of nervousness (hey- you don’t know some of the stunts i pulled in high school!) I accepted.  It went something like this.

  Hello everyone.  I’m Chuck Eddy.  I graduated from Portville Central in 1971.  They even had me back there to teach for a few years.  When Val asked me to say a few words today I really didn’t know if I was supposed to pray for the grub or speak on some short topic.  I guess if there was going to be a theme on my little part, it would have to be “School- Spirit.”

  Since one of the hats I have worn is that of ordained minister, please bear with me for some of this.  The Bible says in the bookof Psalms..’All the days ordained for me were written in your book– before one of them came to be.’  In Jeremiah we are told..’ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.’ 
That tells me that we were created…. that an intelligent being formed us.  And you do not create something without a purpose.  And –that our ways were, and are, known.

  You know what?  I believe that we are all predestined.  I believe that we were pre-ordained as to what set of parents we were born to, the school we all went to, and many of our life paths.  It was not by accident that we all were connected to each other and this school. 

  Please understand that when I say pedestined– it in no way diminishes our gift of free will… freedom of choice.. and even freedom to reap consequences of some of those choices.  If any of you know me you may have heard me refer to our time here on earth as “Soul School.”  I recently came across a quote that I want to pass on to you.  I think it is powerful and you may enjoy it.  It said.. “We are not really human beings ..here on a spiritual journey– We are really spiritual beings.. here on a human journey.” 

  This ‘Soul School’ we are in is much like the school we all knew many years ago.  We would often pass each other in the hall or maybe meet in the cafeteria, where we would catch up on activities or things of interest like boyfriends and girlfriends, sports, teachers , etc.  Then we would go on our way to our different classes and subjets.  Life has been like that.  The last time I remember meeting in this ‘cafeteria’ type setting was ten years ago at Spragues resturant.  It was great to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in years… renew old friendships.. and maybe befriend someone I had treated like a jerk years ago.  We again passed in the halls – so to speak.  

  We each have taken many different courses in this ‘Soul School.’  We have had subjects like holding our first child and the wonderment of new birth.. courses in love and marriage.  Some have had subjects like divorce and custody battles…Some– courses in cancer, surgeries, maybe dealing with elderly parents.  Some have outlived their own child. 

  When Val asked me to speak, she did ask that I make mention of those classmates that have passed away.  I will address that and also have something to say to the class of 2011 who is here today, as well as you listening.  The Bible tells us.. “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say- I find no pleasure in them.”   It tells us.. “Remember Him – before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken— and the spirit returns to God who made it.”  In Isaiah we read.. “Even to your old age and grey hair… I am He who will sustain you.  I have made you and I will carry you.”

  It is true that there are several from our class who are not living.  They are not here and we miss them.  When we hear of the death of a classmate it is like…”Wow– I knew that person.”  It reminds us how brief life is.. how fragile.. how final death is. 

  I’m sure that we each know of someone who has passed.  I also would suggest that there may be some of our classmates who have stopped living years ago.  We may still ‘pass them in the hallways of life.’  They may recount old memories and times past — but they have stopped living… stopped hoping.. stopped embracing new subjects and the courses we must take.

  I want to challenge and encourage each of us– this world is not our home.. We are spirtual…. Soul School is brief.  Keep living!!

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Change your life!!

  The only way to truly change your life.. is to live an exchanged life.

Maybe your Facebook page looks a little different from mine.. but i get alot of posts for things like diet plans, maybe cool sunglasses worn by celebs, and of course offers to view singles in my area!  Now that would indeed change my life– my wife would kill me! 

All of these teasers offer overtly, or at least subliminally, to change my life.  Mind you, i am not against change.  Shoot, I still sometimes practice making New Years’ resolutions.   But true change– eternal change, the kind that brings me joy, peace, or sets me free has never come that way. 

Would you agree that it is hard to live the Christain life?  I would suggest to you that it is not just hard.. it is impossible.  He desires to live his life through us.  “Christ in you – the hope of glory” says the Bible.  Anything else we do or offer is merely various shades of self-discipline or religous works.  Hasn’t the world seen enough vain attempts at holiness. 

I so much want to present an authentic outpouring of an healthy relationship with the Author and finisher of my faith. I sure hope i somehow get it right before i graduate from Soul School.

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to reflect and remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who gave so much.  I posted a question on Facebook.  I asked if anyone would care to list what they considered what is worth standing for?  Are there two or three things – or more- that are worth such sacrifice?

  I thought at least a few people would take some time to reply.  One man said…”to fight for our freedoms, or the freedom of those who cannot defend themselves.”  I must admit that i am somewhat cynical when i think of our military efforts and declaring that what we are doing around the world in several arenas is so ultimately noble.  I came through the Vietnam era.  I personally know Army captains who fought and lost men during that time.  One in particular is probably the most patriotic man i have ever known.  He, to this day, wears a metal bracelet remembering POW’s.  He loves the soldier….. but has a bitter taste and great suspicion of ‘organized conflicts.’ 

  So i ask myself– what is it that i would be willing to die for?  What things are worth standing for now?  It certainly is not for lower prices at the gas pump.  I am feeling that ultimately i want to stand for:

The WAY–   Jesus is the way.   Not some nationalistic way, but the way to eternal life.   He stated that he is the only ‘way’ and i think that is worthy of proclaiming and defending.

The TRUTH–  The truth of God and his word is the only agenda i feel is lofty enough to lift mankind out of its confusion and malaise. 

The LIFE–  Life in Christ brings peace and purpose.  It frees men and women from the bondage to sin that has ensnared them.  It frees them and fills them with a living relationship with the Almighty God and Father. 

  I know many would say that the only reason i can give such a idealistic philosophy is because men and women bled and died and continue to do so for the way of life i bask in.  Some of that is true, but i can’t quite wrap my brain around which conflict was so noble.  The people we fight and kill one decade— trade with us another. 

The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE are the only things that will sustain me through any political scenario, in good times and in bad,  if i be at peace or forced to pick up a weapon and defend those i love

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Eternal Life

   Do we need to die before we begin eternal life?  Must we leave ‘the womb’ of this earthly life… before we can start living eternally?  Much debate goes on as to when our physical life begins.  Some believe it is certainly not until the very advanced stages of pregnancy, the first breath after delivery — with even a few stating that life does not begin until one or two years with a foundation for cognition.  That is scary (and worse yet that those advocate that termination is right and proper if “it” is not loved or wanted!!)  

  If however, we believe that life begins before death — when?  I think it begins just like in the womb.. at the moment of conception.  In like fashion i believe eternal life begins here on earth… at the moment of belief. 

  If we believe that we can have eternal life starting in this life.. are we walking in it today?  I hope so… we choose our eternal home.  Let’s walk in the peace and freedom of knowing that eternal life has begun and is operating in us now.  We will change dwelling places and one day breath the fresh air of our heavenly home.. but we are in the family now and our destiny is secure.. Amen

  First Timothy 6:11 – 12 sheds this light:

     “But you, man og God, flee fromall this and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness.  Fight the good fight of faith.   Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in he presence of many witnesses.”

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